Albert and A.L.Ex

Upcoming shows

Albert and A.L.Ex have so far performed in nine shows, one meetup and one interdisciplinary dialogue on artificial intelligence.

London, 3 February 2017
The British Academy organised an exciting Late event, entitled “Love, sex and marriage… with a robot?”, with a mixture of fascinating talks about robotics and sexuality, as well as a few artistic performances. Those included the highly talented Impropera – literally creating beautifully sung opera extracts in front of the audience – and yours truly.

London, 18 January 2017
Albert and A.L.Ex, as well as their creator Piotr, had a show and talk about Artificial Intelligence for Improvised Theatre at the London Creative AI Meetup:

London, 11 January 2017
Albert and A.L.Ex started the year with a new version of A.L.Ex! Using a small JD Humanoid robot from EZ-Robot, A.L.Ex is now an embodied artificial intelligence. Both shared the stage with the Parentheticals and Talking Dog and performed at the Bracket Racket at the Star of Kings:

London, 15 December 2016
Albert is invited to perform at Thursday Night Lights, the new improv show and jam at The Nursery Theatre:

London, 13 December 2016
Albert finds a friend, Stephen Davidson, with whom to co-organise a night of two-person improv! The first night of It Takes Two, which takes place at the Wenlock & Essex pub, is a success! Other acts include Two of WandsThe Happiest People on Earth and Stephen and Kit.

London, 16 November 2016
Albert & A.L.Ex comes back for a performance at the Hoopla Launch Pad at the Miller Pub:

London, 18 October 2016
Albert (aka Piotr Mirowski) participates in the Dialogue on Artificial Intelligence, organised by Dr. Shama Rahman from Jugular: Joining the Head and the Heart. Other panelists include a Professor of  Philosophy at Queen Mary University, a Professor of Cognitive Robotics at Imperial College, a Creative AI Producer, a Research Scientist in AI and a Principal at an AI think-tank.


London, 17 October 2016
Albert demonstrates A.L.Ex at DuckDuckGoose. [Photo credit: Julia Mitelman]


London, 21 September 2016
Albert & A.L.Ex perform at the Hoopla Launch Pad at the Miller Pub:

London, 24 July 2016
Albert & A.L.Ex get a callback to perform in the C3? Genre Claude Van Damme:

London, 24 July 2016
Albert & A.L.Ex’s first performance at the C3? Drop-In: