HumanMachine – Artificial Intelligence Improvisation

HumanMachine is a new artistic experiment fusing improvised theatre with artificial intelligence and telecommunications technology, aiming at exploring the meanings of creativity and spontaneity.

We have recently been the subject of documentary “Human or Mahine: The In-depth Look at AI and Improv” by filmmaker Holly Bartolo from the Phoenix Remix magazine.

HumanMachine is a collective, currently consisting of several acts:

  1. Albert & A.L.Ex, a twoprov (two-person improv) formed by two neural networks. The first one, Albert (going in real life by Piotr Mirowski), is biological. The second one is artificial: A.L.Ex stands for Artificial Language Experiment.
  2. Kory Mathewson‘s original work on Artificial Improvisation with Pyggy at the Rapid Fire Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta.
  3. Long-Distance Relationship, an online twoprov linking two human performers (Kory Mathewson and Piotr Mirowski) separated by seven seas and seven time zones.

HumanMachine are based in London, England and in Edmonton, Alberta. Piotr and Kory, share a common vision and approach to AI-based theatre and perform improv comedy regularly. These pairs of human wetware and AI software have exponential ambitions: you can get a glimpse of future shows and insights from AI and theatre on our science blog.