Fringe Festivals 2017

As HumanMachine, we have taken part in the following Fringe festivals:

  • Brighton Fringe Festival: 21 May, with two shows at 3pm and 7pm at the Broadway Lounge.
  • Camden Fringe Festival: 31 July and 1 August, with shows at 8:30pm at the Etcetera Theatre.
    Our transatlantic performance got two lovely reviews in London Pub Theatres (“It is always interesting when something different is tackled in theatre and Artificial Intelligence Improvisation does just that.”) and Views From The Gods (“The most fascinating aspect of Artificial Intelligence Improvisation is that despite the characters being make believe, the technology behind this show is genuine. […] Gimmicky? Maybe a little. However it’s also very cool and a lot of fun to observe. […] they’re very well received by an enthusiastic audience […] Slightly ramshackle and prone to system error, but thoroughly enjoyable.”)
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival: 21 through 26 August, with six shows at 5pm at the Space UK @ Surgeon’s Hall. The great Colin Mochrie, who came to see our show, said: “I would never do that!”.

Video credits: Julia Grochowski (Rapid Fire Theatre)
Poster design: Matt Schuurman (Rapid Fire Theatre)