Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationship (LDR) is a two-person improv format performed by Kory Mathewson and Piotr Mirowski. Piotr and Kory and engaged in a long-distance relationship, which they try to make work through telecommunication technology. The show is produced by HumanMachine and explores the limits of improv when the performers are separated by seven time zones and seven seas.

Long Distance Relationship takes place online, where either performer (or both) may be in front of an audience. LDR starts with an email sent from the remote performer. The email is read live, in front of the audience, and initiates the scene.

What is gained and lost when performers are separated by a distance surmountable only through the advents of modern technology? What impacts does the technological separation have on audiences on both ends? What relationships can be explored online-first? These questions serve as the fuel for Long Distance Relationship.

Past performances:

8 February 2017, 21:00 MST at the Dirt Buffet Cabaret (Edmonton, Alberta) – 9 February 2017, 4:00 BST in London (England)

This second show took place at the Dirt Buffet Cabaret, Edmonton’s experimental variety show and performance lab.  Kory performed first with a hybrid version of A.L.Ex and Pyggy, then called Piotr, who had sent him and email.

4 February 2017, 23:00 BST at The Miller Pub (London, England) – 4 February 2017, 16:00 MST at Lake Louise (Alberta)

This inaugural show took place at the “Night Tube” late-night impro show organised by Hoopla and Steve Roe. Kory sent the email to Piotr, who called Kory from the stage.